The studio

Since 1997

Scripting and sculpting sound in our profession



Since the creation of Mix et Mouse in 1997 we have always enjoyed working like craftsmen watchmakers (meticulous, precise, ears wide open...).

It is evident that for us that emotion is conveyed through sound... to bring images to life. Bringing your films to life.

Our know-how and expertise cover all aspects of sound engineering (direct recordings, multilingual voice-over recordings, sound design, music to image, post-production sound, editing, mixing).

Our team

Thomas Roche

Sound Engineer
- Associate Manager -

Dominique Guerrée

- Associate Studio Founder -

Dominique Auger

Production Manager
- Associate -




We can work with you on all kinds of sound recordings. Whether for an interview during a shoot, ambient sound recordings, vehicle sound recordings, Foley... we like to go out and track down our sound to be able to use it better in post-production.

AUDIO post-production

For business films, documentaries, motion graphic design, animations, short films, advertising or even radio commercials, we have a catalogue of multilingual voice actors to offer you. We also do stereo sound mixing or the more complicated 5.1 and virtual reality. We create sound designs to enhance your images to give them a new dynamic. We also work with music composers in order to make your project even more original.




Mix & Mouse have a sound booth and a production/post-production studio equipped with the latest technology.

  • ProTools HD 12 with Avid HD omni
  • Millenia STT-1 Pre Amp
  • Avalon 737 Pre Amp
  • Various plugins (Sonnox, Waves Audio, Izotope, GRM Tools, Soundtoys, Elysia…)
  • Genelec (1030 et 1031) speakers for mixing in 5.1
  • Neumann U87, TLM 103, AT4033... microphones

Over time, throughout all of our activities, we have collected a rich and varied sound bank (a collection of sounds and recordings and personal recordings) which we propose for your projects for original sound creations.

We also have filming equipment to record location, ambient sound, itw multi-track.

  • Multi-track mixers/crossfaders and recorders with timecode (Sound Devices MixPre 6 or Zoom F8)
  • 2 wireless Audio Limited EN 2
  • 2 Sanken cos 11 lav mics
  • Stereo pairs/MS Schoeps mk4/8 with Cinéla windscreen
  • Boom mic (DPA 4017C, Rode NTG3)
  • Ambient boom
  • 4 Tentacle Sync timecodes
  • Windscreen Kit


Since 1997, over 150 clients have entrusted Mix & Mouse with the creation of their sound products.